Benefit with Window Shades in Katy

October 26, 2018


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Located just west of the metropolis of Houston, Katy TX is a small hub that manages to combine the right mix of large city excitement with a small town feel. For the approximately 14,000 residents, one of the great things about this area are the mild winters and delightful sub-tropical climate. However wonderful this is, however, it also brings with it the challenges of trying to beat the heat during the summer as well as keep the home warm during the winter, however mild. Even though this area of the country rarely has severe weather in the winter, there is still is often a need for heat. One way to reduce the expense of heating a house in winter is to use window shades in Katy.

Window shades aren’t just for keeping a home cool in the summer; they are also great for keeping the interior heat stable during winter. Although there is a reduced need for heating in these areas of Texas, it is a fact that window shades can keep the heat in and the cold out, thus reducing the costs of heating bills. For many people, especially those living on a fixed income, every little bit helps. In order to get the maximum benefit from window shades in Katy, however, it is important to get the right kinds of window treatments.

The direction the windows are facing may have a great deal to do with the type of window treatments that are needed to improve efficiency. For example, north facing windows may need a heavier window shade, perhaps a honeycomb model, while south facing windows may be able to use pleated shades or those with lighter fabrics. However, in order to present a uniform appearance, many homeowners compromise between the two extremes and get window treatments that can be used in any window.

Roman shades are a great option for many people, and these lighter weight fabric shades are great for both privacy and for protecting the environment in a room. They are versatile enough to match almost any decor, and yet are sturdy enough to be used all over the house as well. These are some of the most popular type of window shades in Katy, and they can be found in cordless or corded varieties. These are actually fantastic for children’s rooms, as they are simple enough to operate and offer less parts that could be damaged by little hands.